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5 stars Castle hotels
Castello Altafiumara Hotel - Villa San Giovanni - 5 stars hotels
The historic castle, where works of art are in harmony with the surrounding nature, is ready to draw you into its magical aura...
Countrysides Houses, Relais and Villas
Il Convento della Pietà - Tropea
Stylish, romantic and full of Mediterrean´s mysterious and special light.
Probably the most beautiful accomodation in Tropea...
Eternal gratitude is due to the Riace Bronzes, the two stupendous Greek statues dredged from the sea and exhibited, from the early 1980s, in the Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia in Reggio Calabria. Thanks to the irresistible attraction exercised by the two masterpieces (one of which is attributed to Fidia, the master Greek sculptor of the fifth century B. C.), hundreds of thousands of visitors arrived in Calabria. And in this way many of them finally discovered, as a joyous and marvellous surprise, a beautiful country, an unspoilt sea, a lush and sometimes wild countryside, with numerous architectural and artistic masterpieces of unexpected quality. Extraordinary, fascinating Calabria, a land of a thousand surprises. Of exquisite beauty, for example, is the Codex Purpureus, a rare sixth-century Greek gospel conserved in the Museo Diocesano in Rossano, with silver lettering and illustrated with splendid elegant figures and religious scenes. A breathtaking surprise, for those who see it for the first time, is the picturesque and spectacular coast of Tropea, on the Tyrrhenian sea (Calabria is also boarded by the Ionian). But it bears repeating that in Calabria, the surprises never end. (content taken from ENIT )

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"Le Castella" Castle... 2.gif (9729 byte)

Sila piccola..

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Capo Vaticano..

Sights to see and main destinations

frVilla San Giovanni


To say that a certain place has the most fortunate history in Calabria may not be the greatest of complements...
frMorano Calabro
This is without doubt one of the most important and interesting towns in the Pollino National Park. Its location is in an excellent position for being...




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