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4 stars Castles Hotels
Castello di Compiano - Compiano
The castle's fascinating and bustling life begins during the Lombard period, on the road which links the neighbouring Emilia and Liguria regions...
Countrysides Houses, Relais and Villas
Monte del Re - Dozza
Monte del Re, a four-stars hotel, welcomes its guests in an atmosphere of serenity, inspiring meditation, typical of all convents and monasteries. It’s especially favoured from the point of view of communications due to many positive factors, first of all the A14 motorway exit at Castel San Pietro Terme...
Historical Residence, b&b and Apartments
Lodole b&b - Monzuno
Lodole Bed & Breakfast is a labour of love. It took love to renovate and restore this traditional 17C cottage and rekindle its original glow of hospitality. Warm, cosy rooms, a spacious lounge with an open fireplace, raftered ceilings, original stone walls and floor, the Lodole cottage has all the charm of tradition...
The porticoes that shelter and shade your way through the streets of the historic centre of Bologna; the infinite, multicoloured sea of umbrellas on the sunny beaches of Romagna. The modern, dynamic and wealthy city, which at the same time is capable of preserving its ěhuman faceî. The lengthy coastline, crowded with tourists drawn by the irresistible trinity sun-sea-fun. Is this Emilia-Romagna? Yes, it is all this. And much much more, starting from its extraordinary historic, artistic and cultural heritage. One of the richest regions of Italy, Emilia-Romagna is a gigantic treasure house filled with architectural gems and artistic masterpieces, with ancient and famous universities, and modern centres of artistic and cultural learning. In Bologna, the home of the most ancient Italian university (eleventh century), the monuments of great artistic value are truly countless. Here we shall mention just the two ancient spectacular towers of the Asinelli and the Garisenda, both leaning, and Piazza Maggiore, with its great medieval buildings, and the gothic duomo of S. Petronio, where Charles V was crowned emperor in 1530.Outside Bologna, you should not miss the Byzantine masterpieces of Ravenna, the medieval baptistery of Benedetto Antelami in Parma, the Tempio Malatestiano in Rimini, the Romanesque church of S.Mercuriale in Forlě, the ancient Palazzo comunale in Piacenza, the seventeenth-century Sanctuary of the Madonna della Ghiara in Reggio Emilia, the splendid Galleria Estense in Modena, or the harmonious and well-preserved historic centre of Ferrara. And 'enjoy your meal!'. Why? Go into any restaurant of Emilia-Romagna and you will understand. (content taken from ENIT )

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Rocca Possente di Stellata (FE)... 2.gif (10139 byte)

Borgo di Vigoleno (PC)....

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Aerial sea view - Cesenatico (FC)...

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The castle's fascinating and bustling life begins during the Lombard period, on the road which links the neighbouring Emilia and Liguria regions...


The oldest documented report of the name Dozza dates from 1126...




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