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Castello di Strassoldo di Sopra - Strassoldo
The Castello di Sopra (Upper castle), like the nearby Castello di Sotto (Lower Castle), built in the same period, is placed in the heart of a lovely medieval village, surrounded by a centuries-old park touched by spring water streams. ...


Castello di Spessa Resorts - Capriva del Friuli
Situated on a gentle hill and surrounded by a magnificent green park, Castello di Spessa dominates a splendid view, to be admired in this part of the Friuli area. A symbol of tradition and nobility, even though this stately Castle is far removed ...
Golf Hotel Castello Formentini - Floriano del Collio


The last Doge of Venice, Ludovico Manin, retired to this area at the end of the eighteenth century when the Venetian Republic fell to the blows of Napoleon Bonaparte. These days, whoever visits Villa Manin in the province of Udine, detects a hint of twilight in the air, almost as if the memory of the old gentleman who came here to pass the autumn of his life was influencing the visitors and inducing a melancholic mood in them. But this is a pleasant sensation, that leads to a more intimate and intense kind of aesthetic enjoyment. The same sensation recurs all over this beautiful and severe border region, where almost every town boasts a museum (those of Udine, Tolmezzo, Pordenone, Cividale del Friuli, Gorizia, and Aquileia are particularly important and interesting), and is able to surprise with the plurality of architectural styles (in the centre of Udine the Venetian Gothic of the Palazzo del Comune faces the beautiful twentieth-century Art Deco Caffé Contarena) and cultural attractions (at Udine again, there are galleries of historic and modern art). Highly suggestive is the Basilica in Aquileia, now a small town but once an important city of the Roman Empire. Trieste, in Venezia Giulia, the most "middle-European" of Italian cities, rich in history and culture, with its important ancient and modern artistic heritage, has been loved and represented by great literary figures (James Joyce, Italo Svevo, Umberto Saba and many others). Grado in the province of Gorizia is the favourite of many tourists who regularly return for its sea and particularly healthy climate.(content taken from ENIT )

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Lignano (UD) - Aerial view... 2.gif (8221 byte)

Udine - Aerial view with "Libertà" square and castle...

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Zoncolan Mount (UD)...

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According to tradition, Strassoldo was built at the time of the Saxon kings as a defense against the Hungarians. More probably, it was a Lombard fortification built...

frCapriva del Friuli

This locality is situated in Friuli Venice Julia and ago part of the province of Gorizia...
frFloriano del Collio
Graceful locality of the goriziano Collio, in beautiful panoramic position on the heights to the north-west of the capoluogo isontino...
Between the civil buildings of Remanzacco, the unusual complex of house-strong of Bergum arouses interest, with goticheggianti lapidei reasons and lacerti of it frescoes rinascimentali...




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